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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 20, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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this is crazy. i don't even know how to describe it. >> we have another person that's been shot on the leg. a female. >> i got a child victim, i need rescue at the back door theater nine now. new information tonight about the massacre inside a colorado movie theater where a
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man killed 12 people. >> mr. holmes was apprehended outside, in a white hyundai in the back of the theater. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. for most of us it's unfathomable. a man armed to the teeth looking to do damage. amber lee is live in san jose to show us the mood at bay area theaters that are showing the dark knight rises. but our coverage begins with the movie that did not go as scripted. >> reporter: this graphic illustrates what some folks said as the smoke spread and
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they saw a silhouette on the screen of the gunman. at first they thought it was a part of the movie. then reality hit with the movies. >> we thought it was part of the movie, there was a shoot out scene. >> there was this one guy who was on all fours crawling. there was this girl spitting up blood. there were bullet holes in some people's backs, some people's arms. >> the first thing we see is a 14 or 15-year-old girl with bullets in her chest and her head, she was about to die there. >> reporter: her injured daughter has been releaseed from the hospital. >> people were running away. i hit the ground so i wouldn't
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be hit. >> reporter: many were hit, some fatally. >> we found out that he was shot, and that his girlfriend was killed. >> reporter: this man raced to a hospital and learned his 6- year-old daughter was dead. >> my daughter is dead, my wife had been shot in the chest and my daughter had been shot. >> reporter: just last month, jessica ghawi nearly escaped a shooting in the toronto mall. she wrote quote, i was reminded that when or where our life will end. when or where we will live our last breath. every day we have to live our life is a blessing. jessica ghawi was 26 years old. when eric rasmussen arrived he found a man who may owe his life to the fact he was running late to that midnight showing. eric rasmussen is joins us now
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on to how that man took action after walking into a gruesome scene. >> reporter: this was a guy who had spent 15 years in the military. he sort of went into rescue mode trying to save people who were in that theater. the century theater is part of the town center mall in aurora that has been shut down all day long. this is essentially a very large crime scene still. the victims had not been officially identified by police, but in the last hour or so we received a statement from the family of alex sullivan, he was one of the 10 who died inside the theater, two other people passed away at the hospital. the family has asked for his privacy, they say their privacy. they say today was his 27th birthday and now they're trying to come to terms with this tremendous loss. according to the police chief the last body was removed about 5:15 tonight as we arrived it struck it that waves of people continue to pour into the area, many with cell phones in hand trying to get a look at what
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happened here. others are here desperately trying to get information about friends and loved ones who were here for that midnight showing of the dark knight rises. we just spoke to one man who was running late to meet friends at the theater and he says it might just have saved his life. >> i got my cell phone texting, shots rang out at the theater. and i thought i i'm at the theater. so when i opened the door i heard the boom, boom, i thought i know what that is. that's gunfire.
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>> reporter: holmes arrangement will be next week. we are live in aurora colorado, eric rasmussen, ktvu news. authorities say that holmes acted alone. they described a lone wolf scenario. police say he mentioned his apartment was boobie trapped and that prompted a massive response, some jars filled with ammunition along with possible trip wires. the police chief tonight said he had never seen anything like this. one report said holmes had intended for the boobie traps to explode and create a diversion and his attack at the movie theater. authorities had not yet entered the apartment they plan to do that tomorrow. aurora is a city of more than 300,000 people it lies 7 miles from denver. the city's website notes that it is home to some of the best hospitals in the state.
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until today, james holmes was considered a bright young man with a future in science by most who knew him. now james egan holmes is a murder system. he is 24 years old, he grew up in salinas. people there told us his family moved to san diego when he was in middle school. he graduated from uc river side two years ago. >> he was an honor student in neuroscience. graduated, he had a merit based scholarship while he was here on behalf of the entire university we're deeply sorrowed by this tragic event. >> reporter: holmes moved to colorado last year to attend graduate school. when he entered the theater this morning, police say he was covered head to toe in tactical gear. >> the suspect was dressed all in black. he was wearing a ballistic helmet, a tactical ballistic
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vest, and a gas mask. >> reporter: he left his car parkedded at the back of the theater. chief kelly said holmes told police quote i am the joker and said holmes had died his hair red like the character in the movie. police said holmes had no previous trouble with the law expect for a speeding ticket last october. as early as lost month, he had been enrolled in a graduate program. 12 victims are dead, 58 are wounded and 11 of them are in critical condition. the youngest victim a 3 -month-old baby that was injured is now home with her family. three members of the military are also among the wounded and one sailor is unaccounted for.
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one person in an adjacent movie theater was wounded when a bullet went straight through the wall. the police chief in aurora says james holmes brought two weapons to the theater and used at least three of them. they are an ar15 assault rifle with a drum magazine that can fire 15 rounds a minute. there was a remmington 12 gauge shotgun and two 40 caliber block handguns one of which was found in a car. police say all the guns were purchased legally in the last six months and we've learned they are also legal to purchase here in california. >> my view has always been we're not going to abolish guns, let's not even try. but we have a dangerous tool, let's regulator. >> one gun owner say everyone with stronger laws people will find a way around them. police are trying to be more visible around movie
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theaters tonight. amber lee is live where she saw some of that heightened police presence. >> reporter: the mood is somber at winchester, the line for dark knight rises just went inside. a police officer came by earlier today to leave a business card and to let them know officers have stepped up patrols. this theater has brought in a security guard today. >> before i left, a friend of mine said be careful. >> reporter: this mother and daughter told us they believe the carnage in colorado the random act of a mentally disturbed person and they did not consider canceling their plans to watch the much anticipated batman dark knight rising. >> how do you put security for something like that? this is not an airport.
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>> reporter: others say it's time to stop and reflect. >> you have to invest in mental systems and tighter gun controls and the other stuff will start slowing down. >> i'm sorry for the people who lost their children today, it's terrible. >> reporter: other bay area police officers including oakland have increased their presence at theaters and just about 40 minutes ago we saw police patrolling this theater complex keeping an eye on things. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. amc theaters today announced the change in policy in the wake of the shooting in colorado. officials now say the theaters will no longer allow masks, costumes or props like fake weapons that might make other people in the theater feel uncomfortable or threatened. and regal cinema also announced ticketholders should expect stricter controls over character attire but did not elaborate. the presidential campaign was put on hold in light of the colorado shooting.
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president obama said there are other days for politics. >> michelle and i will be fortunate to hug our girls a little tighter tonight and i am sure you will do the same with your children. but for those parents who may not be so lucky, we have to embrace them and let them know we will be there for them as a nation. >> reporter: the president returned to the white house after a brief campaign appearance in florida. he and his republican challenger mitt romney asked for their campaign ads many of them negative to be pulled from colorado tv and radio stations. >> this is a time for each of us to look into our hearts, and remember how much we love one another. and how much we love and how much we care for our great country. >> romney spoke in new hampshire, instead of the usual campaign paraphernalia you see him standing there in front of the american flag. he said he and his wife joined with the president and first lady in offering their condolences to the victims and
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their families. >> stay with us for continuing coverage throughout this newscast. we're going to hear more from a live witness as we return to colorado. and we're going to have a comment from the suspect's family. and neighbors who say they are stunned with the actions. five police departments and one in the bay area received suspicious packages all in the same day. more packages may turn up in the coming days. >> clouds cleared out and we warmed up. coming up the one part of the coast that will have some fog first thing tomorrow morning and when temperatures spike this weekend. >> and an event meant to turn dreams into reality ends up being a nightmare. so why do organizers say they plan on doing it all again?
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new video to show you now from east oakland where crews have to clean up this mess. it started around 4:30 this afternoon when police say a lincoln town car ran into a car. the driver hit another car before plowing into that fire hydrant. the driver of the lincoln is being questioned by police, he was not hurt. we now know of five east bay police departments that received suspicious mailings that caused a lot of commotion today.
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ktvu's john sasaki live in oakland. you've learned that there could be more mailings out there. >> reporter: we are standing outside oakland police station and through my sources i confirmed that five east bay police departments received one of these envelopes. someone sorting the mail saw a suspicious envelope and while unfolding it they saw a white powder. >> they're going to be able to rule out that this substance is not anthrax. >> reporter: after an evacuation, the hazmat team determined the substance was
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flour. they then called other police departments. >> i think it's a person that has an issue with law enforcement. i don't know why but it's a weird pattern. >> reporter: hazmat teams took no chances before learning the subject was harmless. u.s. postal inspectors and the fbi are trying to track down the sender. >> there's state statutes that have been violated, it is very, very serious. >> investigators said little about the letters other than none had a return address. each contained a note and all were postmarked at the oakland main postoften though it's not clear if any were mailed there. more departments could find similar letters in the coming days. john sasaki, ktvu news. a homeowner attacked and shot in the middle of night by a robber. the victim said he was home
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alone when he heard someone making noise. >> he woke up, the suspect confronts him. the suspect shot one shot toward the victim, injured him in the arm and then the suspect fled. >> investigators don't know if the thief ran away or got in a car. the suspect could only see that -- excuse me the victim could only see that the robber was wear ago dark hooded sweatshirt. investigators don't have a specific motive in the case but they are looking into the possibilities that the home was targeted. >> the second suspect in the killing of a san francisco man and his two sons made an appearance in court today. wilfredo rewhere re -- reyes was at the san francisco hall of justice. reyes who was arrested in north carolina was in the car during the shooting deaths of three. reyes is set to be formally charged with counts of murder
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next week. three people are under arrest accused of a shooting that killed a 3-year-old boy in the hands of his father. the person who fired that actual shot was a minor. >> reporter: overwhelmed with emotion, hazel lawrence could barely speak facing the man accused of killing her grandson. >> i want to know who did it, why they did it. >> reporter: 23 -month-old lawrence jr. was murdered last november after gang members fired on a group shooting a music video in a parking lot in west oakland. >> members of the acorn gang conspired to shoot those they thought were rival gang members. in total, they shot nine victims. >> reporter: three suspects on the shoot out were finally
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named today. 32-year-old deonte huff, 23- year-old houston nathaniel and coleman who police say fired the shot that killed baby lawrence. the grandmother of jenkins said he didn't do it. >> i can't say anything. >> reporter: coleman is due back in court monday. meantime the two other defendants are in custody indicted on more than two dozen federal crimes including murder, weapons violations and racketeering. in oakland, patti lee, ktvu news. attorneys in placer county made an arrest today in the so called robbers fire. bryan nelson is charged with recklessly causing a fire that burned land, property or a structure. the robbers fire started july 11 near colfax and has burned through 160 acres. crews expect to have it fully contained tomorrow. the u.s. geological service
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is reporting an earthquake in northern california. it happened at 8:52 and was centered in the water in humble county. the latest data indicates it had a magnitude of 5.1. the fog we had this morning cleared out and we still have mostly clear skies. right now the main fog bank is toward south and south of monterey bay. as far as the forecast model we will take this into saturday morning and we will have some clouds regroup. especially south of the golden gate bridge from the golden gate to pillar point and a few patches elsewhere. you can't see temperatures not a big change here. low to mid-50s. san francisco 52, livermore 55. key headline we are warming up. that trend will continue so easily into the 70s to right around 80 degrees around the bay. look what happens inland. the warmest locations back up into the 90s and the hottest
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spots will be quite hot in the upper 90s, 97 to 98 degrees. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the weekend. coming up how much cooling you can expect for sunday. some contra costa county residents are upset. several eucaliptus trees were cut down. willow school officials say that birds in those trees were making the school's playground unsanitary. officials say the school did not violate any rules. reunited after seven months. >> suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi and his wife share a long awaited kiss. but the reunion was not long- lived. where lopez is at this moment
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president obama today ordered that flags be flown at half staff in honor of the victims from the colorado shooting. they are to remain at half staff until sunset on july 25th. the wife of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi should be on a plane headed back to her native venezuela and her trip caps a busy day. a judge lifted a protective order allowing the husband and wife to be together again. >> that's a kiss that was seven months in the making.
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that's how long mirkarimi has been kept away from his wife. a judge placed a restrictive order after a domestic violence charge. she returned to san francisco monday to testify at her husband's ethics commission hearing. lopez today told the judge she does not fear her husband and plans to live with her again. the judge agreed to lift a protective order. >> he had to do a major decision as he would with any other domestic violence case, we wish them well. >> how do you feel? >>-- >> reporter: the couple held hands tightly after court. >> the gift of all this is i
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feel that now we are stronger than ever before. >> reporter: lopez says she must return to venezuela for now to complete an acting job and to be with her son and ailing father. mirkarimi is waiting to see whether an ethics commission next month will recommend he be stripped of his job or reinstated as sheriff. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu news. >> ktvu news sat down with eliana lopez. she says she hopes she can move on with her life with ross and their son. >> i did not take anything to venezula. all my clothes, that is my home. >> lopez lawyer chimed in saying they would sue the city. go to to see our
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complete interview with lopez including her message for ivory madison the woman behind the tape at the center of the case. just look for our video player at the home page. there's been a shake up amidst a hidden surplus scandal. ruth coleman resigned after the department was accused of hiding almost $54 million for years. coleman's deputy was fired. the state attorney general has now launched an investigation into the issue. the controversy comes to light after months of wrangling over budget cuts that had dozens of state parks at the brink of closure. up next continuing coverage of the movie theater massacre. we go back to aurora where we just took these pictures of people lighting candles. >> and the alleged gunman's ties to california. folks in salinas knew him as a young boy are speaking out.
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he wasn't saying anything at all. he was just quiet and he was literally just shooting everyone like it was hunting season or something. >> i saw my wife had been shot in the chest and my daughter had been shot. >> reporter: a midnight massacre at a colorado movie theater. our coverage continues as we return live to aurora colorado. police there have yet to identify all the victims of the theater massacre. and witnesses to the shooting are describing an unforgettable scene. our coverage of the mass shooting in colorado continues with ktvu's eric rasmussen live in aurora where people are feeling grief and a lot of anger. >> reporter: this alleged gunman holmes hasn't even had his first day in court and
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we've heard people talking about the death penalty. they've shut off the entire area around the century 16 movie theater. you can see that it is a part of what you can't see tonight is just beyond the police tape, there are still a large number of people who have come out here trying to get as close as they can to this scene. in the last couple of minutes our photographer eric was able to go and shoot video of people who had gathered outside the scene. if we can show you this video they have lit candles tonight. they are literally holding on to each other as they struggle to come to terms with what happened here almost 23 hours ago. and many people we've already talked to tonight seem to have a story or a connection to what happened in fact, as we flew into colorado into denver tonight we talked to somebody at the rental car counter who had a friend who was inside the century 16 theater when the first shots went off. another man who we introduced to you at the beginning of this
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hour, mickey vindecker talked to us how he was supposed to meet friends but was running late. instead vindecker who is former military was forced to go into help mode. >> it looked like to me from being in the military it liked like a war zone. i don't want to go into heavy detail that was inside because there's people probably watching, it was a bad scene, it was a pretty bad scene. >> reporter: police tell us they actually met with some of the victim's family members for about 90 minutes earlier this evening. they have not made any official identifies of the 12 people who were killed in this incident. we're live here in aurora, colorado. earlier tonight the police chief of aurora showed the strain and emotions of the day's events as he described the toll those shootings have taken on their officers. >> our cops went through a lot.
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they rushed people out of that theater into police cars -- >> chief oats said that he has met with psychologists from his department and in the next few days, they will begin working with officers to help them cope with the trauma that they've experienced. people in aurora held hands at a prayer vigil earlier this evening and among those in attendance was the father of a victim of the columbine high school shooting in littleton, colorado, 13 years ago. the city of aurora is only about 18 miles from littleton. you will recall back on april 20, 1999 two students killed classmates and a teacher. they also wounded 26 others before taking their own lives. >> reporter: robert holmes the father of the suspect left his san diego home to fly to colorado to see his son.
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>> do you have a moment. >> no comment. >> reporter: the holmes family issued a statement saying their hearts go out to all of those involved in this tragedy. earlier a woman who identified herself as a suspect's mother said police had the right person. an uncle of james holmes lived in carmel. his name is also james holmes and he told reporters that he was shocked to hear that his nephew was responsible of the shootings. the older holmes described him as a nerd and unassuming kid. and there was no clue of what happened today. >> i can't see him walking down, is that 7-year-old going to grow up to do something. you never know because there was no trauma. no violence anything going on. >> reporter: at the family's home in san diego today, his mother remained inside. friends and neighbors tried to offer their support. a man who lives next door said that as a teenager james holmes
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was a normal kid and had no rowdy friends. >> he was a very quiet guy. shy, nice guy, you know. no violence. >> the family has released a statement saying they are cooperating with law enforcement. they are also asking for their privacy. the paris premier of the batman movie was cancelled today. warner brothers said in a statement that it was deeply saddened by the shooting. it also cancelled interviews with the stars of the dark knight rises. go to for continuing coverage of the shooting including a slide show of photos from the scene. you will find a tab at the top of our home page. too close to the fire. a young firefighters is accused of setting fires in his own community and then helping put them out. it happen at the timber cove fire district which covers the north coast from jenner to sea cove. >> reporter: nate smith was
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nervous in court today. outside his mom was too. >> this is an immature 19-year- old. in many ways, he is a great kid, he's a sweet guy. >> reporter: smith is accused of setting four wildfires in his community in the past year. even tweeting about them as he and other firefighters responded. one reads, vegetation fire, highway 1. that's us. no structures burned, no injuries, and smith has no criminal record. but his attorney could not convince a judge to release him. prosecutors say he's dangerous. >> he enjoys being part of the response. >> reporter: all four fires combined burned about 2-1/2 acres. the first two big enough to get fire engines rolling. the other two so small smith allegedly reported them then they fizzled out or he put them out himself. >> i am surprised somebody that grew up out here has lived in
10:38 pm
the woods and knows what the danger of it is would everyone consider doing something like that. >> reporter: other volunteers says smith has loved the fire house since he was little and became a cadet four years ago. >> there has to be a malicious act and that's what this will be about. we'll explore what's going on with nate. what caused him to do this. >> reporter: smith's plea, not guilty. facing jail time if convicted. this happened about 12:15 this afternoon at south van nuys avenue. the ambulance had its lights and sirens on when it collided with at least one other vehicle and ended up on its side. the paramedics were only slightly injured. alcohol may have played a
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role in a crash in santa rosa. howell is charged with murder. prosecutors say that howell had a dui conviction back in 2006 and they allege that she was drinking last saturday. investigators say that she was trying to run down her ex- boyfriend on his motorcycle and instead hit a car killing the driver 56-year-old jesse garcia. direct tv strikes a deal. still to come the popular channels customers can finally watch tonight. we're still working on a warmer weather forecast coming up the 35-degree temperature range for tomorrow afternoon and the timing of our next weather cooling claim. and they claimed to be exempt from state law but a restaurant has lost its battle.
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living in the bay area gives us beautiful views and open spaces to enjoy. we want to honor those local conservations to make local lands like this accessible to those who help clean up. viacom and direct tv has came to a deal that ends a black out of viacom channels. the new agreement restored comedy central and mtv. the dispute was over how much
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direct tv should pay viacom to carry its programming. in news of the world tonight in syria government forces recaptured a damascus neighborhood that had been the intention scene of fighting with rebels. the united nations said as many as 30,000 syrians have crossed the border into lebanon in the past 48 hours. rebels were seen defacing pictures of president assad at one checkpoint. in china nine days of torrential rains have caused flooding and landslides. at least 15 people are dead or missing. about 18 homes have been destroyed. the flooding also washed away thousands of acres of cops. officials estimate the loss of more than $120 million. a san francisco restaurant that made headlines for defying froi gras has now taken it off
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its menu. the presidio trust says the restaurant's decision to carry the dish was against its values. the restaurant argued that its exempt from the law because it's on federal land but has agreed to stop serving froi gras. >> when you see the coals then you do get nervous. why organizers say they aren't going to stop the fire walks that burned participates. and bay area temperatures are about to spike. mark tamayo next with the areas that might see upper 90s this weekend.
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a motivational exercise sent some participates to the hospital with severe burns. ktvu's matt keller live in san jose where event organizers say
10:47 pm
they will do it again. >> reporter: yeah tonight's program for the four day event is called turn dreams into reality. but for those who took part in last night's experience it was a nightmare. tony ramens is a superstar motivator endorsed by several businesses. more than 6,000 people attending his unleash the power within seminar add the san jose convention center were willing to walk through fire for him. >> he tells us to say comas, comas, comas and not look down and it's amazing what your mind can do. >> reporter: julie and her daughter walked through the hot coals unscathed. but 21 others were treated for minor injuries on their feet. >> second degree we have some blistering and third degree it goes beyond the blistering. >> reporter: this is video in
10:48 pm
you tube of previous fire walking events. one participate told me etch was warned of the possibility of burns and blisters. >> get your focus and attention away from that and look into the power within yourself and focus on just walking on the fire. >> reporter: firefighters say the event has the proper permits and a fire inspector and medical personnel were on the scene. >> it's just like parachuting, you know it's dangerous. i don't know if i would walk across hot coals. >> tony robbins organization provided this statement to me. they also told me that this won't stop them from holding other fire walking events in the future. san jose, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. clouds cleared out of here and temperatured warmed up a
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bit. we have mostly clear skies throughout the area. that fog bank is way to our south down toward monterey bay. we could have a few patches remaining. it's also pretty mild out there. these are some of the 10:00 numbers when i come in tighter you notice some 70s out toward concord. 76degrees, liver -- livermore right now checking in at 76 degrees. still a bit of a breeze. tomorrow clearing skies and we are warming up. the extended we do bring a drop off in temperatures you will see that coming up in the five day forecast. this is building in toward the state and the west coast. this will be the source of our warming as we take this into saturday. so for the warmest locations tomorrow inland on track to reach the mid- to upper 90s around 95 to 98 degrees. the other extreme coast side here we're still going to have patchy fog at least for the morning hours and temperatures mainly in the mid-possibly the upper 60s.
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tomorrow the hottest day of the weekend. then we cool things off a little bit beginning sun. here's our forecast model showing some of the fog developing coast side. here we are saturday morning at 7:00 and the clouds targeting at least right around san francisco and out toward half- moon bay, clearing skies into the afternoon hours. that's the red contour here. this links up with the 90s. the purple shade links up with the triple digit heat. the hottest locations will be surrounded 98 degrees out toward antioch and brent wood. lake tahoe forecast, partly cloudy skies for saturday: a few clouds developing by sunday afternoon. temperatures during the afternoon on the warm side in the 80s. here's a look at the numbers, i just bumped them up a little bit just a couple of minutes ago so we're going to go with more 90s up toward santa rosa and fairfield.
10:51 pm
oakland 76 degrees. san jose tops out in the upper 80s. san francisco some patchy fog and it could be locally dense first thing tomorrow morning especially out toward ocean beach but a nice afternoon in the forecast high of 74 downtown. here is a look ahead, your five day forecast with your weekend always in view. a touch cooler for sunday as you can see here with the whole thing steady into monday. then into tuesday and wednesday we bring in cooler air so looks like some relief in sight if you're not a big fan of the heat. so this is a deal just for tomorrow. we've just learned the name of a third person who was killed in today's mass shooting at that theater in colorado. as we told you at the top of the newscast the family of alex sullivan confirmed his death that happened on his 27th birthday. we also just learned that another victim is micayla pmedek she was only 23 years old. her father's cousin said at least now they know what happened to her. and jessica ghawi she was trying to become a sports
10:52 pm
caster. >> up next the giants take on the phillies, highlights of sports are next.
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frank is off tonight. fred is here. two in a row for tim lincecum. >> the entire team doing well.
10:55 pm
everybody contributed. but fans what are you most excited about. tim lincecum pitching like the freak of old or crawford hitting like a major leaguer. giants in philadelphia they led 2-1 when brandon crawford features starter vance warley. juiced, you have to love that a grand slam for brandon. tim lincecum threw seven straight innings earning his second straight win. and look at crawford making a catch from his knees. timmy likes it. oakland a's are making the walk off an every day occurrence. cano belts this homer off ryan cook. bottom of the nine, cespedes gets his third hit of the game.
10:56 pm
when moss hits off utley. it's their major league leading tenth walk off victory all 10 walk offs have come from 10 different hitters. odds makers listed smeteckers chances at 100-1. but brent currently leads with tiger waiting to steal the showcase. he still has not bunkered or bogeys. first round leader adam scott is alone in second. one behind snetecker. that's going to set up a birdie as he sets up a 3-under 60. tiger's first bunker of the week and it's in the hole. tiger shoots his first 56, he's
10:57 pm
alone but check out the woman in the circle here. i can't believe i just saw what i just saw. 62-year-old tom watson also makes the cut but phil mickelson misses the cut. golden state plays chicago. 20 points nine rebounds for barnes. bulls shoot just 25% from the field as the warriors win. they are the only 4-0 team in the summer league program. another crash today at the tour de france. this time it was started by a dog gone dog. seven riders involved they all managed to reboard and you can see cyclists reveal dabeir wanting a piece of that dog. there's mark cavanous he's winning this stage 18. that's sports as we see it for this friday night. >> that was a big one too. i would have served for him as well. >> yeah, it was that was a big dog. >> thank you. and thank you for trusting
10:58 pm
k ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> before we go, one last look at the aurora, colorado movie theater. we'll have the latest at 7:00 tomorrow.
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